Get Pro By Taking A Graphic Design Course Online

While studying graphic design courses online, course participants will learn to make designs from the stage of determining concepts and themes, then proceed with making designs visually on a computer, until finally practicing production techniques to realize these designs. Examples of design products that will be made during the course …

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Get to Know What NFT is and How it Works

NFT Tech

Maybe lately you’ve often heard the term NFT which is popular on social media. However, do you know what NFT actually is? In order not to be misinformed, let’s discuss NFT and how it works. Quoting from CNN, NFT or the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset in …

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7 Best Android Survival Game Recommendations to Play

Best Android Survival PUBG

Games with the concept of survival, aka survival, are currently the theme that many people play, especially on Android phones. Where, the aspect of survival is a challenge in itself to face various situations in this type of game, making many people interested in playing it. This is also supported …

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6 Ways to Make Profit from Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency is a hotly debated polarizing topic in social media as well as outside of it. While several people support cryptocurrency as the possible future currency, more people oppose this idea. The ones who oppose this idea have their fundamental reasons to be against cryptocurrency. For example, its highly volatile …

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